Danica Falzon - Executive Director - Industrial

“ The Latino Agent has been a great support in sourcing skilled labourers, such as carpenters. They guided potential employees, seeking employment with Shaker, by supported them and us through the entire work permit process. The Latino Agent also assisted us with communicating employment requirements to new employees, making sure that all details of their future job is clear and that they are made aware of Maltese employment requirements.”

Andrei Imbroll - Group Chairman - Hospitality

 “We have been very pleased with the professional recruitment service offered, and with the candidates provided both for outsourcing jobs and administrative recruits.”

Dr Sharon Faith Farrugia - Notary - Domestic

“Before I recruited Victoria from Colombia as a full-time domestic helper, my family struggled with the pace of life nowadays; the past 3 years have been so much better, and we are very happy with the way things have turned out”

Sarah Gingell Littlejohn - Group HR Manager - Retail

“I have worked with the Latino Agency for quite some-time now, they are meticulous in sending their candidate through, and surely help in working hand and hand together with recruitment needs. They do a good job in understanding our company culture and fit.  We have also used the agency for temping services and also highly recommend this area of their business too.”

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